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Hockey Live Streaming Online, Live Hockey Streaming, Watch Hockey Online, NHL Live Streaming Online, Live NHL Streaming, League Play Offs on EUROPE Champions League Play Offs, World Championship, NHL, Liiga, DEL, KHL, SHL, Extraliga and Live Hockey Streams Free on We all know what hockey is, a game of 2 teams in which the players of a team try to puck hockey ball into opposite teams goal post with hockey stick and the team with more number of goals wins the match. Similarly, ice hockey is played on same set of play but on the ground of ice and hence ice skates are involved, a little extra defined gears to save one’s body structure from injuries that can happen while skating on ice and other reasons also. The first match of Ice Hockey World Championship was held in year 1930 as an individual event. To which in contrast, National Hockey League is a series of tournaments of professionals in Ice Hockey, the game in series is played for a time lapse of 60 minutes regarded with partition of three periods each worthy 20 minutes. NHL is divided into two seasons of play, similar to that of basketball as Regular season and Playoff. The NHL is considered to be one of the major four sports professional league in America (North) and also much prominent in Canada. The highest profile matches in ice hockey is of IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships, the event was first held officially in summer Olympics of 1920. Being the official game of Canada, the country was the first dominant team that stood up by the ladder of difference of 12 winnings in 1930 and 1952. But after that, there was a rivalry team that made Canada to seek for shelter in their own prominent game by winning 20 championships. The time that is counted on for rivalry is from 1963 to 1991 until the nation’s breakup. Seeking interest in the sport nearby nations set up their own league like Kontinental Hockey League that is NHL of Russia. The league does not age back from previous times but was found in year 2008 and comes after NHL in world-wide hockey network securing second highest popularity. Each year, the rankings of teams changes as per their ratings, which is all calculated and summed up by FIH i.e., International Hockey Federation. Hockey is for Every One and Hockey Fights Cancer are two of most significant support from the sport to our society as, HIFE lays importance in training and developing the youth in face of non-profit program by which they help each and every one to learn and play hockey. The famous teams of NHL supports the cause of the programme, like Canada; the most popular team in insight of hockey. The country has served most players that have participated in the game, as about 60% players are of Canadian origins. The team that has considered being the best in NHL history is Blackhawks, they has won the championship recently. The team with most of NHL records is Montreal Canadiens with legendary hockey players and loudest fan support. Other teams that line up on the verge of champions are Penguins, Red Wings, Bruins and many more. Don’t know the game well, go for live streaming and learn about it on the go.