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Football Live Streaming Online, Live Football Streaming, Watch NFL Online, NFL Live Streaming Online, Live NFL Streaming, NCCAF, NCAA, AFL on Streamsfree and National American Football League, NFL Play Offs, NCCAF, NFL, NCAA, AFL, CFL, CIS, Am, Live Football Streams Free on  American Football the game that is considered the most popular game in the region of North America has faced many judgements till 1960 prior to its origin. The game is known by name Gridiron and also said Football in USA and Canada. The game is played with a ball oval in shape, the team who has the ball attempts to go forward in the opposite teams side of ground and tries to touchdown ball covering whole of ten yards with not more than 4 plays. The defensive team make the offensive one to stop and tries to snatch the ball from them. The team scoring more points wins the game. The game when associated with professional level turned out to be NFL that is, National Football League. The league consists of 32 teams in total that fight for the title as in play match. NFL is counted as the main professional league of North America out of 4 sports league. NFL has a playtime of 17 weeks, regular season, in which each team has to play 16 matches to which the winner six teams are advanced to NFL Playoff. After the so called era of its advancements and popularity, the game of professionals at the annual stage is pronounced as Superbowl. It is the highest level of American Football in and around the world. As per the citizens, the day when Superbowl is scheduled, it is unofficial national holiday as the audience is much obsessed with the game. The day of game is considered second largest day for consumption of food after Thanksgiving. As they have such a high viewership it is obvious to invest in it for advertisement and hence they have ranged to be most expensive commercials of the year. This all statement is so proved by the game of superbowl which has recorded viewership of 114.4 million in 2015, again think about expensive advertisement. Earlier superbowl have marching of bands in there half times but as the popularity increased, many popular singers and bands try to get their hold, the period of singers started with first ever performance of Michael Jackson. The first ever match was played in between Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chief, the match was timed on 1967, January 7. The trophy that is awarded is called Vince Lombardi Trophy, it was named in honor of NFL coach Vince Lombardi. The team that held the trophy most in these years is Pittsburg Steelers with six trophies. After them on tie position, Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers have with them 5 trophies each. As there are winners on the other hand side there will be someone who lose, but you will be amazed to know that some of the teams has never won, they are Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals etc. As the season starts the streaming of matches in North America gets on peak, there are 4 channels that are officially registered for streaming it on television, but if you want to enjoy the match you can tune into any of streaming website.